Annual Meeting

of the German Society for Biomaterials
09.11.2017 – 11.11.2017 | Würzburg (Germany)

Organisational remarks

Scientific programme

Main Topics:
• Regenerative and bioinspired materials
• Biomaterials in the regulation of the immune response
• Additive manufacturing and biofabrication
• Carrier systems for drug delivery
• Biomaterials for musculoskeletal applications
• Clinical application of biomaterials
• Current developments in biomaterial research
• Biomaterials for the dental sector
• Young scientists forum

Keynote Speakers:
Laura De Laporte (Aachen/DE)
Uwe Freudenberg (Dresden/DE)
Matthew I. Gibson (Warwick/GB)
Liam Grover (Birmingham/GB)
Toby Jenkins (Bath/GB)
Sander C. G. Leeuwenburgh (Nijmegen/NL)
Jos Malda (Utrecht/NL)